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Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre
Career Development Testimonials

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Ritika Jajodia


It was pretty much good . Got a know something new about myself was really surprised about the timings about myself. Will surely work on it & come forward.

Ishika Verma


This session was very helpful for me . It pursue my education in MBA in mass media. Further everything was well prepared & explained. GOOD JOB.

Pratiksha Pawar


I got a lot to learn from this session. I got a perfect idea to choose my career. I am confident about my plans after attending the workshop & result which i got.

Jhanvi Sharma


The entire counseling was really good & helpful it helps me to know more ways to study & also to make correct choice for my career. The counseling was very interesting & all our doubts & problems for our career is solved. Thank you so much.

Ritika Chandak


It was nice experience. Thank you for helping me out in finding my career which is suitable for me.

Zoya Sayyed


I think the counseling was very good. I came to know many things about myself. I’ll try to follow the recommendation.

Sarupa Khetan


Ma’am Thank you, for this i am really glad to have you. Today i really felt good that you understand me. And Thank you mam for the advice of graphic designing . I ‘ll advice my parents & right now work on studies. Love u Ma’am.

Amrita Kathikuloth


The workshop was very useful. The workshop teaches us to love yourself & think that we are beautiful irrespective of what others think. We should also respect our friends& not to tease them. This workshop was very interesting.

Riddhi Boritkar


This workshop teaches you to love yourself, to think positive in any situation. The workshop encourages & motivate to be honest about our self.

Tanay Baid


It was a great workshop & by this workshop now I can manage my time & by her mantra’s i can get a nice percentage in board. Thank You.

Kuldeep Pandey


It was very helpful to me , I got many points which i was not knowing. It can be done better by giving measures to manage mind diversion during studying & during writing exams.

Anshul Yadav


The workshop was very nice as Ma’am explained about the career’s which we can choose after 12th & she also told us how we can choose in which stream we should go. It was very helpful in choosing our career.

Jyoti Maurya


Session was excellent as last session. It came to know us our potential how much we have & yes I would say , This session made me more confident compel to earlier.

Sunaina Bhusankar


The workshop is was very helpful all the basic etiquettes was cleared & it was very interesting to gain some more knowledge from Ma’am.

Netra Shah


The workshop was very informative & the counselor was interactive as well as creative with her manner of presenting the topic. I would love to have such workshops in the future as well.

Joewin Correa


Workshop was wonderful got to learn a lot & the fear of speaking in front of public is just vanished . All thanks t to Ma’am she is awesome.

Eshita Agarwal


The workshop was good helped us understanding that goal is important in life to be successful & Ma’am helped us making a goal for us & this activity would help decision making & the session was awesome.

Tanvi Patil


It was great. Never felt better as i felt today . Got a clarity about my goals & my ownself also. Now I’m calmed a lot. The workshop which actually changed me today. Thank you so much for this.

Digvijay Patil


The first session was really good & satisfying. It helped me to know about myself a bit more. I am looking forward for more of this.

Mansi Patel


Today’s Workshop was really awesome it helped me to focus on my goals & set the goal and i really like how Ma’am explain us she is awesome & a excellent counselor from my side.

Vaishnavi Shetty


Today’s session with Ma’am was amazing. It made is think & it made me love myself more than I used to do. I learnt a lesson that never listen to anyone just be happy with whatever I am doing. And I learnt a positive attitude.

Shreedhar Humbarkar


It was very nice to attend the CDP lecture. I learned a lot of things about myself that which I can do. I would like to attend more lectures of CDP

Rashi Agrawal 03/10/2017 It really really helped me and I feel better after this.
Mohit Devda 03/10/2017 It was really helpful & I got my capabilities through this.