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Draupadidevi Sanwarmal Women's Hostel

Salient Features

  • Triple occupancy AC and non AC rooms, a common recreational area
  • Dining hall with dry pantry
  • Voids provided between 11th & 12th floors for girls to communicate.
  • All rooms with attached toilets.
  • Toilets are designed in such a way that they can be serviced when the room is locked.
  • Each occupant is provided with a cupboard, a writing table, a chair and a bed exclusively for herself.
  • Each room has a sofa apart from the bed, cupboard, writing table & chair.
  • Passage has a sky lit facility.
  • Wi-fi for all students.
  • There are colorful passages & lively atmosphere.
  • An administration office to control the hostel.
  • A beautiful view from all the rooms since the hostel is at a great height.
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